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Win a spa makeover for your shower and bathroom with Amane Heavenly Rain and Konoha Gifts of Nature.

Enjoy all the benefits of a Japanese Spa everyday with the new AMANE HEAVENLY RAIN mist-sensation shower and KONOHA GIFTS OF NATURE eco-friendly cloths, spa towels, clay bath mats and spa tablets.

In Japan bathing is a special ritual, a time to reset, relax and rejuvenate. It all starts with the perfect shower.  ‘amane’ in Japanese literally means ‘heavenly rain’, which perfectly captures the experience of an AMANE HEAVENLY RAIN mist-sensation shower head.

Typical shower heads offer 50 to 80 jets of water, rain showers 150 to 260, however an AMANE HEAVENLY RAIN shower head will transform (split) your shower spray into 615 jets of water!   By using 615 precision holes in the shower plate, each less than a fifth of a millimetre in diameter – that’s the world’s finest spray holes – AMANE  helps boost your shower speed.  This also creates that mist-like sensation, which helps you get soaking wet quicker, rinse hair more thoroughly and gently bathes, cleans and soothes your body, leaving you totally refreshed!

Next add some of our special Spa Tablets!

AMANE took the secrets of the “Nagayu Onsen” or traditional Japanese Spa and created a new spa tablet so you can transform your shower or bath into a spa-like experience!

Simply pop 1 tablet in your AMANE HEAVENLY RAIN shower head and shower as normal or pop 2 tablets in your bath, soak and relax for 15-20 minutes… and get all the benefits of a traditional Japanese Spa. The Spa Tablets are pH neutral and free from sulphates, phosphates and parabens so they are suitable for all skin types and won’t take colour from your hair.  Afterwards, you’ll be surprised how soft and silky your skin will feel!

Once you’re soaking wet choose one of our KONOHA GIFTS OF NATURE eco body cloths.   Made with natural, renewable plant resources – they are perfect for moisturising and cleansing even the most delicate skin!

These cloths have been specially woven with great care and skill in Japan and help create a rich lather when used with soap. The unique extra-long design (25cm x 90cm) helps get those hard to reach spots, especially your back!  Cloths range from hardness level from 1 to 5 , so whether you want the softest of touch – like silk – or a good exfoliation to help remove make-up, we have a cloth for you.

When you’re done…  step onto a KONOHA GIFTS OF NATURE clay bath mat to dry off.  With the natural grounding feeling of the earth under your feet, you’ll appreciate the difference!  These clay bath mats are completely handmade using traditional Japanese plastering techniques and special Japanese diatomaceous earth which is renowned for its excellent water absorption and dehumidifying properties, which are gentle enough for sensitive skin, easy to maintain and highly recyclable.

Wrap yourself up… in the softest of cotton!

Finally wrap yourself up, in a super-soft, super-light and super-absorbent AMANE organic cotton towel – made using renowned Imabari non-twist yarn.  When you hold one of our towels you will be surprised by how soft, light and pleasant they feel – you’ll appreciate the benefits of our “kind-to-nature” approach. It’s the complete Amane Heavenly Rain experience!!!